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The building we are in will be rebuilt from Feb 2020 so yes we have to move. We are now preparing our new premises, and plan to commence classes at the new school on 11th November. If there is any change to this we will advise. Queenstown is growing into a city, and the new centre of the city is Frankton, which is centrally located and near to homestay families, our new student accommodation, shops, hotels, airport, and jobs. Currently, it can take students 1 - 1.5 hours to get from homestay to our school due to morning congestion. The new location is much closer and will save a lot of travel time. Also, many students will be able to walk to jobs in this busy area. We have created partnerships with employers nearby and there will be plenty of job opportunities for our students.

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It's a short walk to the new High School as well as many new hotels and accommodation areas. It's also 5 minutes from the airport. There is huge development going on in Frankton. There are more than 10 hotels planned or under construction, a conference centre, a gondola to the Remarkables Ski Area, and to some residential areas (Imagine taking a gondola to school every day!! Also with the $2 bus fares to anywhere in the Queenstown or Arrowtown area, it's cheap and convenient to travel anywhere in the city. The new city of Queenstown is shaped like a propeller with three blades. The old town (where the school is currently) is one blade, existing homestay and residential area (Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country) is the second blade, and the area of new housing, hotels and commercial development (Jacks Point/Hanley’s Farm, is the third blade. Frankton is the centre of the propeller. It’s the new Epicentre! Many businesses have already moved to the new and modern commercial areas in Frankton, and more are moving all the time. The building is much more modern and 100% of building code so, in the event of a natural disaster, it will be much safer than the current location. Of course it has incredible views, as it’s in Queenstown!! The new address will be second floor, Dart House, Remarkables Park, Hawthorne Drive, Queenstown.

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